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Document Management Consulting

876 Solutions provides consulting services to end-user companies for electronic document and records management technologies. 876 Solutions provides initial project planning, document management strategy sessions, project analysis, project feasibility studies, vendor selection, and implementation oversight services.

876 Solutions provides independent and objective consulting services concentrating on document management technologies. These technologies include:


  • Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS)
  • Document Imaging (DI)
  • Document Backfile Conversion
  • EDMS Workflows
  • Content Management (CM)
  • Electronic Records Management Systems (ERMS)

We will provide you with the options, trade-offs, and data needed for you to make the right decision for your project.

How we do it

Our primary services fall into the following areas:


  • Document Imaging Consulting: Converting paper documents to digital images, which may also include microfilm/microfiche.
  • Document Management Consulting: Indexing a variety of electronic document formats, such as MS Word, Adobe PDF into a document management system for storage and retrieval.
  • Workflow Consulting: Workflow is the conversion of manual processes to a computer controlled process to enhance and control that work process. Workflow typically involves some type of document as the workflow agent.

The above areas include the study and analysis of paper documents, paper forms and applications, electronic forms and documents, and the different types of documentation that you use as part of your business and work.

Technology Review Session

If you are interested in document management but confused as to what technology does what and why? Could you simply scan your documents and store them or should you capture them for use on an Intranet? Let us help you with the technology fundamentals before you commit to a technology that may not be right for your application. This is typically a 1/2 day session with all of the appropriate personnel present. Also, see our training sessions for more detail.

Project Review and Strategy Session

Before you start down the long and costly road toward a document management system, ensure you:

  • Understand your own needs.
  • Understand the basics of the technology
  • We will briefly assess your need for the technology, put our findings into a report, and strategize with you during the report presentation. This type of study can be anywhere from 5 to 15 days, including on-site time, developing the report, and making the final presentation.

Document Backfile Conversion Project

Paper is not going away and in fact, it seems that even more paper is being generated every day. Paper can be a costly storage medium - and it is susceptible to damage or destruction. If you are involved in a lawsuit, providing paper documents can be time consuming and expensive. Scanning your documents can be a cost effective method for storing your paper - and retrieving it. Contact us prior to getting started on you backfile conversion project for a detailed planning session and document backfile conversion presentation.

Complete Feasibility Study

If we have completed a strategy session for you, or you feel ready to move forward with your project, we can undertake a complete document management feasibility study for your project. This study will typically include the following:


  • Needs assessment for each business unit or department involved in the study
  • Business case development
  • Requirements analysis
  • Workflow requirements analysis
  • System requirements and feasibility development
  • Cost justification of systems
  • RFP support and development
  • Procurement planning
  • Vendor evaluation and selection
  • Project oversight

Prior to beginning the procurement task, we will present you with our findings in a formal report and make a presentation of our findings to you and your management committee. The presentation will indicate whether to continue with the project or not. If the project does not look positive, we will indicate whether there are other technologies more suited to your application or if there are internal issues that can be reviewed and corrected. If the project looks positive, we will strategize with you on the possible next steps.

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