Email Certificates

For businesses and organizations requiring assurance that e-mail cannot be stolen or modified in transit, 876 Solutions\Comodo E-mail Certificates secure email by digitally signing and/or encrypting it. It allows users to use the digitally sign and encrypt features built into their personal email client such as Microsoft Outlook or other S/MIME compliant software.

Email Certificates876 Solutions\Comodo also offers an extremely easy-to-use yet powerful companion software application for use with 876 Solutions\Comodo E-mail certificates. 876 Solutions\Comodo Secure E-Mail software works with your e-mail client to automatically sign and encrypt outgoing e-mail, as well as eliminate the complexity of the certificate exchange procedure among users.

Benefits of using Secure Email Certificates

  • Provide message integrity
  • Authenticate communications
  • Keep your emails private
  • Secure business information
  • Provide data integrity
  • Prove message origination
  • Easily encrypt messages

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