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Business Process Optimization

With companies continuously aiming for business effiencies, reduction in operational costs and delivering quality services to customers, 876 Technology Solutions has created an Assessment Process to help businesses achieve these goals.

Working with you we will analyse your company’s ethos, strategy, current key business process and report on how the business is performing, highlight issues identified during the Assessment Process and potential improvements to the business and bottom line.

The Assessment Process is part of an established methodology which involves a number of steps of which the following are key components:  

  • Engagement with Senior Management  
  • Interview with Key Business Users  
  • High Level Review of the Key Business Processes (End-To-End)  
  • Completion of the Assessment Questions & Profiles  
  • Prepare End of Assessment Process Report & Presentation  
  • End of Assessment Process Review (Presentation of Findings) to Senior Management 
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